Together we grow stronger…

How did we get our name?

The Sequoia tree is the largest on the earth found mainly in Canada and other parts of the USA. This gigantic tree maintains its height and strength by wrapping its roots around other Sequoia trees.

This illustrates the way we at Sequoia work by sharing our personal experiences to aid the personal growth of everyone that accesses our services.

We have over eight years experience of delivering services to those who struggle with mental health difficulties, carers, and those who work on the front lines within the social sector.

Our services provide the unique combination of professional qualification with peer support by lived experience as our team at Sequoia have all at some point accessed mental health services.

Through the openness of sharing our personal recovery journeys we impart our knowledge of coping, we break down isolation, reduce stigma and empower others to move towards a greater level of wellbeing.


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