Nancy Morrison

Thank you so much for the training, you are so brave sharing all this and its inspirational to know people with BPD can recover.

Becky Whatson

I can honestly say that it was one of the most interesting, engaging and well delivered trainings I’ve ever attended. The way you shared your personal story with us was really special and really reinforced to check your bias.


I could have listened to Kate’s session all day. Well explained and inspirational.


You normalised and humanised your subject. Your growth towards recovery is an inspiration!


Length of training perfect plus a good combination of activities, presentation and activities.

Jeremy Holloway

I most liked the clear slides and information given, the personal lived experience of living with BPD and how best to support someone with this diagnosis.

Jodie Howarth

Katie is a great speaker and I really appreciated her honesty and openness.

Aashiya Patel

I feel it helped to make sense of things a bit more, especially working with clients.

Jo Jackson

The personal experineces/testimonies were incredibly powerful


I really appreciated the open and honest nature of Katie Cooling. Relating to her personal experiences was admirable and humbling to hear. Very informative.

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