Understand what sits behind the diagnosis of BPD

This training will give a unique and powerful perspective on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

The trainer of this session wears her heart on her sleeve to share what it is like to be given the BPD label and her insights into what sits beneath the behaviours that someone with the disorder might display.

The understanding and insights that you will gain from this session will come with a renewed empathy and hope for those that you work with or care for with the disorder.

Here is just some of the subjects covered…..

  • What does Borderline mean & where does it come from?
  • Medication
  • Diagnosis, helpful or not?
  • Bipolar disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) criteria & symptoms explained
  • Generational trauma & emotional neglect
  • Diary entries
  • Working with immediate distress
  • Using a directive approach
  • Behaviour change

Interwoven throughout this insightful training is the exceptional recovery journey of one woman who gives hope for other BPD sufferers and a complete change of perspective for anyone working with or caring for a loved one who suffers with the symptoms.

This training has successfully been delivered to Greater Manchester Police, Stockport & Manchester Mind, Stockport Mind Carers, and Pennine Care, Coffee4Craig & other organisations & charities.

Nancy Karvela

I most liked the sincerity & honesty of the delivery of the Q&A, and the sequence of delivery.
Greater Manchester Police

Meg Hughes

The presentation and their personal experiences were informative and showed a different side of BPD I have never heard before. It was inspiring!
Counselling, Psychotherapy & Supervisor

Jenny Clarke

Katie is an excellent speaker and very engaging liked the openness of the Q&A discussion.

Liaison practioner/Occupational Therapist

Katherine Ashmore

Learned about it from a patient’s perspective which was a great insight into a personal journey.
Liaison practitioner/occupational therapist


Everything felt new because I’d only researched it online so had a vague understanding. Kate’s real-life stories helped clarify the symptoms & understand the condition better from a place of empathy.


I learnt that recovery is possible.


Diary entries were captivating, felt really connected to the author as they were very personal.


I really appreciated the open and honest nature of Katie Cooling. Relating to her personal experiences was admirable and humbling to hear. Very informative.

Jo Jackson

The personal experineces/testimonies were incredibly powerful
Registered Mental Health Nurse

Aashiya Patel

I feel it helped to make sense of things a bit more, especially working with clients.


Jodie Howarth

Katie is a great speaker and I really appreciated her honesty and openness.

Community Inclusion Worker

Jeremy Holloway

I most liked the clear slides and information given, the personal lived experience of living with BPD and how best to support someone with this diagnosis.

Mental Health Practitioner


Length of training perfect plus a good combination of activities, presentation and activities.



You normalised and humanised your subject. Your growth towards recovery is an inspiration!



I could have listened to Kate’s session all day. Well explained and inspirational.

Becky Whatson

I can honestly say that it was one of the most interesting, engaging and well delivered trainings I’ve ever attended. The way you shared your personal story with us was really special and really reinforced to check your bias.

Becky Whatson
CYP Prevention Worker

Nancy Morrison

Thank you so much for the training, you are so brave sharing all this and its inspirational to know people with BPD can recover.

Nancy Morrison
Refuge Worker
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